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Interested in Personal Training, Creating and Following a Wellness Plan, Guidance & Support, but have some questions?


What is On Demand Virtual Classes?

Virtual classes are pre recorded breath work, movement, and meditation classes that allow you the ability to control your wellness schedule whenever and wherever. 


Should I sign up for in Person Training?

If you are a san Diego local ready for change and need a little guidance on form, habits, and nutrition in person training is a great place to start and stay consistent.


What is the difference between On Demand & Online Training?

On demand is pre recorded classes that gives you access to a diverse library of wellness tools. Online training is a custom wellness plan that gives you access to on demand classes, programmed workouts, and in app messenger with a certified personal trainer.


Can I cancel at anytime?

yes, Sign in to your account on a desktop. Access my account, click my purchases, click 'Cancel auto renew'

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