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The Culture Training Club Approach

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

The CTC Approach

The CTC approach is to practice daily micro habits to create macro change in your life. When you stay consistent with your CTC your wellness plan you will become your most successful self.

These modalities below will be implemented into your daily routine:


is a very special time. Getting perfect sleep starts when you wake up. The amount of light you receive during sunrise and sunset affects your circadian rhythm, your sleep, your digestion, your focus, and your energy levels . Lumens start a chemical chain reaction for the whole day. Try to get ten minutes of sunlight within the first hour of sunrise and sunset.

Breath Work:

has different variations. Some will calm the mind and body others will excite the mind and body. In the morning and midday to recharge it is best to use rapid breathing and at night or relaxation time slower breathing. We will review many different styles.


plays a key role in switching your brain wave patterns to calmer and more creative states of consciousness. We will review many different styles.


Exercise & Physical Activity:

has been shown to reduce rate in all disease and illness.  Exercise also prevents risk of injury. Exercise can also improve weight loss and increase strength. Exercise can also improve posture and confidence.  Load progression promotes greater bone density which is beneficial to your future health. We will review many different styles.

Intuitive Eating:

is our approach to food. Start to think of the food you eat is the energy you will have. Find the cleanest meats and produce. Buy food from your local farmers market. It is best to start your day with water, fruits, healthy fats, and healthy proteins. Next  non starchy vegetables and protein. Lastly vegetables, proteins, and carbs. Questions to ask yourself is: Do I know where this food came from? Is this good for my brain? Is this giving me life?


is a time for resetting and recharging. Evening sunlight triggers our chemicals to start the process of rest and digest. Create a nighttime routine that sets you up for quality sleep.

All of this should be implemented in your life in a realistic way. All of these modalities will increase your energy, health, and confidence. It is your job to make it a priority.

Have any questions about the information above, feel free to ask a question!

Image by Jonathan Borba
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"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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